The Difference Between All Purpose Flour and Bread Flour

The main reason of confusion between both the flours is of course, the in-differentiable color and odor of the flours. It is hard to distinguish the lookalikes as both of the flours are of almost the same consistency. The question may arise in someone’s mind whether the bread flour can be used instead of all purpose flour?  Yes, both the flours are different in their own ways but can be used. Read the following to see how both the articles are different.

Difference Between All Purpose Flour and Bread Flour

What is Bread Flour?

It is the progressed form of hard wheat. The nutritious values are high and so making the flour healthy and highly wholesome. It can be easily baked and can be used in stuff like homemade cookies. It is an awesome alternative of the multipurpose flour but the result will be different. Rich in carbohydrates, the baked stuff becomes stiff rather than becoming spongy. Bread flour is meant for rare purposes as it doesn’t provide the required result.

What is All Purpose Flour?

Also known as the multipurpose flour, this can be used to cook anything you want to. This flour is the amalgamation of soft and firm wheat. Low protein (carbohydrates) content makes it easy and trouble free. It is easy to use as it is free from any extra proteins. This is the reason it is referred to as All-purpose flour. All the bakery products you consume are made up of this flour. Besides, this flour is more digestible and feasible for diabetic patients due to less sugar content. Moreover, it is also known as White flour or plain flour.

What is the Difference Between All Purpose Flour and Bread Flour? – The Comparison

The Bread flour is inexpensive and easily available on contrary, white flour is a bit priced but is easily obtainable. Carbohydrate levels in the bread flour are higher than plain flour. The food materials obtained from wholesome flour are crispy and stuff whereas, those obtained from the all purpose flour are smooth and soft. The texture of former one is rough and granular, while the texture of multipurpose flour is soft and plain. Color of the bread flour is slightly brownish in contrast, the hue of later one is white or pallid.

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