What is The Difference Between Baby Spit-up And Vomit

The first months of a baby’s life are very important as they require constant supervision and extreme care. To get on the difference between baby spit-up and vomit go through these details & comparison.

As a mother or a caretaker, it is a must to know the difference between babies spit up and vomit. One of them is a playful act or a rare occurrence and the other is serious or may require medical attention.

Baby spit up and vomit both occur due to young and small stomachs of the baby. The contents of the babies stomach flow out of the mouth as reflux6. But both occur due to different reasons and hence the seriousness of vomit.

Baby Spit Up

The spit up is the flow to baby’s stomach contents in a flow. They occur mostly with burps after feeding. It happens when the milk that is fed to the baby does not reach the stomach or the lower esophageal ring at the back of the throat does not tighten after allowing the milk to flow to the stomach.

The spit up is normal for a baby and don’t cause serious damage or concern. It does not affect the health or wellbeing of the baby. They are painless. On the contrary, babies who spit up are happy, they gain weight and they have no health problems from spitting up.


Vomit is forcibly emptying of contents of the stomach of the baby. It occurs when the stomach is relaxed but the abdominal and diaphragm muscles are contracted vigorously.

Vomiting now and then is not serious but content vomiting or abnormal vomiting requires medical attention. Vomit causes pain for the baby as it empties the stomach forcibly.  If the baby is in pain and the contents are flowing forcibly through the mouth then it is vomit.

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