The Difference Between Barley and Wheat

Grains like barley and wheat are the most loved source of nutrients created by nature. Find the information about what is the difference between Barley and Wheat with these details.

Rich in nutrients, they are both used all over the globe. Belonging to the same family they are almost similar apparently but are different in the sense of dietary values. Both of the barley and wheat contain gluten in them. Both are highly correlated because of the same granulated texture and golden hue. Wheat is accumulated with carbohydrates so is the barley.

Difference Between Barley and Wheat


100g of barley include 355 calories; 2% fat and 24% carbohydrates. Botanical name of barley is hordeum vulgare. It is usually browner in color and the beards are lengthened. It is paramount for people suffering from heart diseases. Barley is also known as a cure for high blood sugar and high blood pressure too. It consists of all 8 indispensable amino acids that are healthy for diabetics. Barley is jam packed with dietary fibers which deal with issues like inflammation of intestines.


Wheat contains 339 calories per 100 grams along with 2% fats and 23% carbohydrates. Its botanical name is triticum. Wheat is the mostly consumed food in the world and contributes 799 tonnes to world’s food consumption. It is a major part of fast foods too. The white flour which is used in the preparation of dough’s is at least 70% wheat that is processed. The lasagnas, macaronis and spaghettis you eat are all derived from white flour which is wheat. With no doubt it is the part of every cuisine Italian, Thai, Chinese, Asian or American.

Wheat vs. Barley – A Comparison

The sequence of proteins is different in both which makes them dissimilar. Both grain producing agents have iron amounts in common but the quantity differs making them unrelated. Magnesium content in barley is higher than wheat making it brown. Wheat is most harvested crop as compared to barley which is not that much admired. Wheat is an all time used meal on the other hand barley is typical breakfast cereal. Barley is used to lose weight while wheat can only help you gain weight. Barley increases immune levels of blood making lifestyle worth it.

Full Comparison Between Barley VS. Wheat – Video Tips

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