What is The Difference Between Bassinet and a Crib

Bassinet and crib sound the same or may even feel the same to some people but they are actually different. Check out the difference between Bassinet and Crib with this detailed comparison of Bassinet vs Crib. Bassinet are portable while Cribs are best for young children.

The difference is very small hence the confusion. But the difference between them is stated clearly below so you will be able to understand it more clearly than before.


As the name indicates it is in a shape of a basket. It is the best choice for newborn babies, particularly in the first four to five months. They are portable so you can take them anywhere you want. They are generally user-friendly so they have stands or legs so that you don’t have to bend to tend to your baby.

Off course, most bassinets are amendable so there are bassinets with wheels, swing, less portability and more. They are smaller in size and are easy to move. The smaller size makes it easy to carry around the house. They are cheaper than cribs and are best for young babies.


The crib is used when the baby is too big to fit in a bassinet. Cribs are best for young children who don’t know how to stand yet. The design of a crib is specially designed to restrict the baby from accidently falling over.
Cribs are mostly set in one place but there are cribs that are portable today. Cribs are larger in size so they can accommodate growing babies. They are more preferred because once the child outgrows the crib they can be converted into a bed.

Cribs are more preferred because of their size and life. The bassinet is best for young babies but cribs are must for children once they are older. That is why most parents prefer cribs even for young babies. Cribs are more expensive than bassinets.

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