The Difference Between Belgian Waffles and Regular Waffles

Waffles are indeed the best part of the breakfast or the desserts either they are Belgian or regular. Both the types of waffles are dissimilar in appearance and they have different ingredients which are used in the making of both. Here you can check out what is the difference between Belgian Waffles and Regular Waffles with these details.

‘Waffles are pancakes with abs’, so they are worth it even if they are Belgian regular, American, Brussels or liege.  Belgian and Regular waffles are both light and crispy. The difference can be easily identified through the size. A new-comer can easily differentiate between both the waffle types. Read following to know some of the differences.

Difference Between Belgian Waffles and Regular Waffles

Belgian Waffles

Belgian Waffles are made with the Belgian Waffle maker which has larger squares in it to make a bigger waffle. They have their origin in Belgium and are most consumed in the region. A lesser quantity of baking powder is used in these to give them a natural crisp. It can be easily made in the home. Belgian waffles can be sweet as well as unsweetened. They were firstly made in Belgium with the use of hot cast iron machine. They can be used in different desserts but are specially served along with tea or coffee.

Regular Waffles

Regular Waffles are also referred as traditional waffles. They do not have deeper pockets and they are small in size. They were manufactured in middle ages. They are thick and of course, that’s the reason they are served with Nutella and many other sauces. They have a large amount of baking powder that makes them thick and dense. It is a low-fat diet which is best known for its nutrition value. They are served with ice creams but can also be served along with egg and cheese.

Belgian Waffles vs. Regular Waffles – A Comparison

Belgian waffles have their origin in Belgium. Regular waffles in Eastern Europe. Belgium ones were first manufactured in 1958 whereas the former were manufactured in Middle Ages it can be 13th century. Belgian waffles are bigger in size as compared to the regular waffles. Regular waffles can be served anytime but Belgian waffles are traditionally known for the breakfast only.

Full Comparison Between Belgian Waffles vs. Regular Waffles – Video Tips

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