What is The Difference Between Baby Boy and Girl Ultrasound

Being a parent is one of the best feelings in the world. But during the expecting period, the curiosity of the gender of the baby is a thrill of its own. Catch up the difference between boy and girl ultrasound with these details in the boy vs girl ultrasound comparison. 

After approximately 18 to 22 weeks of pregnancy, you can get the gender of your baby checked. An ultrasound is conducted during this period to check the health, weight, and well-being of the baby.

During this checkup, you can get the gender of the baby checked. You can tell the gender of the baby noticing some of the key points in your ultrasound image. Here are some things you can notice in boy or girl ultrasound.

Boy Ultrasound

In the ultrasound, you can notice a protrusion in a shape of a turtle between the legs of the baby. It is likely to be the child’s penis. Don’t confuse the protrusion and umbilical cord as they are located in the same place. The umbilical cord is longer and it is not between the legs of the child.

The protuberance would also have an angle greater than 30 degrees between the legs. If the above conditions are met, lastly the child is considered a boy of its positioned on the left side of the uterus.

Girl Ultrasound

If the ultrasound shows the absence of protrusion between the legs of the child but instead a hamburger like structure then it may be a girl. The hamburger like structure shows the presence of clitoris and labia of the child. The protuberance is usually parallel to the body. Lastly, if the baby is positioned on the right side of the uterus then it is a girl.

Other Ways

There are other things that are taken into consideration like tendons, skull shape and other things by trained eyes in checking the gender. These things are mostly missed by an untrained eye.

The jaw shape also indicates the gender. Like if the skull and jaw of the child are square in shape then it is considered to be a boy. But if they are round then it is considered a girl.

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