The Difference Between Breast Milk and Formula Feeding

Choosing between Brest milk and formula feeding is a confusing decision to make by inexperienced mothers. Check out what’s the difference between breast milk and formula feeding.

Newly born babies have weak stomachs so they cannot take any other substance than the mother or formula milk. These feedings help the babies to develop a strong immune system and antibodies to fight off diseases.

In the beginning months, babies do not have any antibodies and breast or formula feeding help them to fight off potential threats to their bodies. The question to whether feeding their babies breast milk or formula is an important decision for mothers. To know what to pick we need to know what breast milk and formula feeding is.

Breast Milk

Breast milk is the natural milk produced by human females after they give birth. It contains nutrients and antibodies. For a newborn child breast milk is the best possible meal. Breast milk helps pass the antibodies and nutritions to the baby’s bodies that help them fight diseases and develop an immune system.

During the first six months, mothers are strongly suggested to feed breast milk to their child. It is consists of fat, water, sugar and even protein. And all these are mixed in appropriate amounts that develop the child’s immune system strong and right.

Formula Feeding

Formula feeding or milk is actually cow’s milk that is processed in such a way that it is agreeable by a new burns digestive system. It is also mixed with antioxidants, soya protein, and vegetable oils.

Formula milk is not recommended to the mother unless the mother is unable to produce milk or carry a disease that is dangerous for the infant. It, however, does not pass antibodies to the baby. It also contains curd effect that makes digestion longer and harder.

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