What is The Difference Between Brisket and Pot Roast

Beef can be prepared in various forms and that’s why different dishes of beef are prepared on several occasions. But most common are Brisket and Pot roast. What’s the difference between brisket and pot roast? Let’s check out in this article.


Brisket is a specific cut of meat from the lower chest of the cow. A boneless roast from the chest of the cow, and layered with ligaments, beef brisket is most commonly used for roast or stews. Brisket roast is good, old-fashioned comfort food. Long cooking produces tantalizing aromas as the beef simmers in a seasoned broth and develops a rich, mellow beef flavor. It makes an easy-to-fix smash hit for fall and winter family dinners. Brisket contains 309.4% calories, 21.3g of protein and 24.2g of fat in a 3oz serving. Brisket is braised and then cooked in the oven.

Brisket can be prepared in many ways but the most common are through Basting. In this technique meat is cooked in its own juices or with a prepared sauce. In some countries, it is made by rubbing the herbs and spices on the raw meat and then cooked slowly. Some people like to give it a barbecue touch and cook it on charcoal or wood.

In the traditional New England dinner, it is served as a main course. Every country has its own recipe to cook brisket. In Hong Kong, it is cooked with spices on low heat and then served with noodles or soup. In Korea, it is cooked on hot plate or sizzler and then served with vegetables and potatoes. In Germany, brisket is cooked with dark German beer and then served with mashed potatoes, carrots, onion and a bunch of thyme.

Pot Roast

Pot roast is a braised beef dish. Pot roast is cooked in water, wine, stock, or broth. It’s made from chuck, brisket, or round cuts. Pot roast contains 180% calories in 3oz accommodating. Pot roast, when correctly prepared, is very tender and succulent. It is often accommodated with vegetables such as onions, potatoes, and carrots which are simmered in the liquid engendered during the slow cooking process.

Brisket VS Pot Roast

  • Both of the food items are prepared by the tough part cuts of meat and cooked on low heat until tender. Let us break down the differences between brisket and pot roast.
  • Pot Roast is cooked in a pot on the stove. Brisket is braised and then cooked in the oven.
  • Brisket is the cut of meat used to engender pot roast. Pot roast is a style in which brisket can be cooked.
  • 3oz accommodating of brisket contains 309.4% calories while pot roast contains 180% calories.
  • Brisket is conventionally accommodated with soup, noodles, and potatoes whereas Pot roast is accommodated with vegetables that are being cooked during the cooking process of meat.

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