The Difference Between Cake Flour and Pastry Flour

If you love baking, then you will definitely know that wheat flour is the essential ingredient for baking anything. What is the difference between cake flour and pastry flour, learn it with these details. 

Now, a variety of wheat flour is available in the grocery stores like all-purpose flour, cake flour, pastry flour. Today, we will find the differences between cake flour and pastry. Let’s start then.

Difference Between Cake Flour and Pastry Flour

Cake Flour

Cake flour is finely milled, very low protein flour which is utilized for cakes. It is bleached. It binds the flour more efficaciously and stabilizes the air bubbles engendered by raising agents. These factors can give a cake more fluffy, tender texture.

It is made from soft winter wheat and it has a protein content of about 7% – 8.5%. It also has a higher starch content. Cake flour is low gluten flour that has been chemically molded for better use in baking recipes. Cake flour is most commonly optically discerned in American recipes of cakes, muffins, and cookies.  It is facilely available in grocery stores and baking stores.

Pastry Flour

Pastry flour is made with soft flour. It has much less protein content and engenders less gluten. Dough made with pastry flour is tender, rubbery and crumbly. Cake flour has even less protein content than pastry flour. Pastry flour contains 8.5% – 9.5% protein. It is utilized in pie crusts, cookies, and muffins. It emanates from soft red winter or soft white winter wheat. Pastry flour is not commonly sold in grocery stores but can be found at baking aisles in supermarkets.

Cake Flour VS Pastry Flour

  1. pastry flour contains 8.5%-9.5% of protein, while cake flour contains protein content of about 7%-8.5%.
  2. Cake flour is made from soft winter wheat whereas pastry flour is made from soft red winter wheat or soft white winter wheat.
  3. Pastry flour gives tender, chewy and flaky texture and it is used to make pie crust, cookies, and muffins. Cake flour gives fluffy, tender texture and it is best for delicate cakes and pastries.
  4. Cake flour is easily available in supermarkets but pastry flour can usually be found at specialty stores.

Full Comparison of Cake Flour VS Pastry Flour – Video Tips

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