The Difference Between Catholic and Mormons

Mormons and Catholics seems to be same but they have some differences in their beliefs. Mormonism is considered to have originated from Christianity and Catholics itself but differs on their status of God and their beliefs. Therefore the difference between Catholic and Mormons can be seen only in their way of interpreting the scriptures and sacred texts.

Difference Between Catholic and Mormons


Catholics believes that God is Trinitarian and he doesn’t have a body. There is only one God who is pure spirit, creator of the world, holy and good. The Catholics believe about Hell that it is a place or a state of being the distance from God.


A “Mormon” is a nickname referring to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They believe in a God of love, who has all knowledge and all power and testify of Jesus Christ as the Savior of the World. This religion is under the authority of the Bishops, Patriarchs and the Pope.

The Mormons believe that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are three different entities who are “one in mission” or work together for same purpose. Their perception about God is that God has a physical body and He is a Heavenly Father. They define hell as an unpleasant spirit prison and only the most determinedly wicked person would enter to it.

Catholic VS Mormons

  • Mormons represent the fourth largest religious denomination in the United States while Catholicism is the oldest Church founded by Jesus.
  • Mormons believe in afterlife differently that when they die, everyone goes to the spirit world and undergoes preparation; good souls in the spirit paradise and the wicked in the spirit prison, and in the resurrection, reunite with the body. They also believe in second chance after death. On the other hand the Catholics belief is that we don’t have afterlife. The souls either go to Hell or go to the Kingdom of God.
  • According to the Mormons Hell is a spirit prison for the wicked soul, while Catholic defines Hell, as the absence of God in a person.

Full Comparison Between Catholic VS. Mormons – Video Tips

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