The Difference Between Culture and Religion

Culture and religion are totally separate; they are not the same, though they are very close. The cultural elements should not be confused with the religious elements. Moreover, There is a huge difference between both.  The difference between culture and religion are as followings:

Difference Between Culture and Religion


It is the shared values of belief, hierarchies, thoughts, customs, ideas, habits, attitudes, values, experience and many other relevant things that are common between the members of a specific society. Moreover, culture is system of knowledge shared by large group of people, some side of human behavior like language, social practices like, sex, marriage, expressive forms like music, dance, ritual, religion, and technologies like cooking, shelter, which are found in all human societies.


Religion is the set of beliefs, feelings, practices that define the relations between human being and holy figure. It is the belief in or worship of that which concern cause, nature, and purpose of the universe especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency that is God or gods. It is a specific system of faith and worship. Religion is one part of culture.

Culture VS Religion

  1. Culture is a process of evolution while religion is a process of revelation.
  2. Religion is the way of living, and culture is the social behavior that comes with that way of living.
  3. Cultures varies or changes with the passage of time while it is impossible to rewrite the fundamental structure or basic structure of the religion.
  4. Culture is a way of life, religion is a belief system.
  5. Religion is wholly God made while culture is manmade.
  6. Culture is like the adjustment that follows keeping the manuscript in mind. Whereas Religion is like a manuscript.
  7. Religion exists in some written forms like holy or sacred books while culture exists in practical form or practice of particular society for example:  habit and behavior.
  8. Culture can exist outside of religion or local religion and religion can be the biggest part of every culture. Religion shapes particular culture.

Full Comparison Between Culture vs. Religion – Video Tips

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