What is The Difference Between Daycare and Preschool

The difference between daycare and preschool is very clear. If you have a child or you have a child in the family.

Then you must know the difference between them. In any case, you can learn about the difference between daycare and preschool in the following.


A preschool is a place where parents leave their children to learn the basics of life and education. Preschool teaches children the basics like alphabets, counting, and manners between fun and games. Children enrolled are mainly between the ages of 2 to 3 years. The main focus of preschool is progressive learning.

Children are required to stay 2 to 3 hours a day at school so they get used to the idea to staying away from parents. It is the first step towards their professional life. Children enrolled should be toiled trained. They are given same attention as everyone else in their school so they learn more.


Daycare is a place where parents can leave their children alone for a long time. A parent who don t find full-time nanny comfortable or they don’t have much free time during the day leave their children are daycare. They are also open on holidays. They can either leave their children daily or whenever they are busy.

Also, there is no time limit. They can leave their children for 1 hour or several depending on their requirement. The daycare employees are trained to take care of children.

Children are kept in their age groups where they perform activities children of any age group can stay at a daycare. There is no requirement for children to be toilet trained or any other for that matter. Daycare mainly focuses on younger children more than older children. As there is no age limit so children in diapers are also accepted.

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