The Difference Between Duck Egg and Chicken Eggs

Duck eggs and chicken eggs are both edible and are not similar in appearance. Duck eggs are broad and white and chicken eggs are smaller in size. Check out what’s the difference between duck egg and chicken eggs with this comparison.

Mostly consumed eggs are of hens but duck’s eggs are not that commonly used. Eggs are both alike but vary in taste and health values. They are both differing in nutritious ad health values. Chicken eggs have a big yolk and smaller quantity of albumen to know more, read the following article.

Difference Between Duck Egg and Chicken Eggs

Duck Eggs

Duck eggs are larger in size with a large egg yolk and comparatively hefty quantity if albumen. These eggs lack yellow in the albumen and are pure opaque. The shell is pallid and stronger giving it a long shelf life. They are mostly obtained from Cayuga duck. They have a high quantity of omega 3 fatty acid and so are nutritious. The most common form of cooked duck egg is salted and fried duck egg. One egg consists of 9g proteins. if consumed daily, it contributes to 15% of daily diet.

Chicken Eggs

Chicken eggs are mostly used around the globe. The chicken eggs are mostly obtained from golden comet. They have thin shelf giving them a smaller shelf life. The yolk size is big in comparison to the albumen size. It expires within 25 days after hatching. Chicken eggs are high in cholesterol, fats and protein quantity. They are affordable and are effortlessly available. The albumen has a tint of yellow. Chickens lay eggs twice in a week which are highly nutritious.

Duck Eggs vs. Chicken Eggs – A Comparison

Duck eggs have a big shelf life which chicken eggs lack. The shells of duck eggs are hard and of chicken eggs are thin and easily breakable. The albumen of duck eggs is clear like glass but chicken egg albumen is tinted yellow. Former are hard to find and are pricey but later ones are affordable being easily accessible. There are rare duck species whose eggs are edible; every kind of hen has edible eggs. Duck lays eggs everyday while chicken lays eggs twice a week.

Full Comparison Between Duck Egg VS. Chicken Eggs – Video Tips

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