The Difference Between Faith and Hope

Faith and hope are distinct but somehow related. There is so great tendency between faith and hope, that the one cannot be separate from the other. We cannot alternate or use hope for faith. Faith and hope are so closely linked but still there is a difference between them. The difference between hope and faith are as followings:

Difference Between Faith and Hope


Faith is a complete trust, belief or confidence in something; belief that is not based on any kind of proof. Faith is also known to be synonyms of word trust. Thus if someone is faithful then that is person who you can faith in. Faith is based on the idea, that whatever the outcome is, it is for the better.


Hope looks to the future; it is always future tense. Hope is built on faith; it is the earnest anticipation that comes with believing something good. Hope must involve something that not seen yet.

Faith VS. hope

  1. Faith originates in the understanding, while hope rises in the will.
  2. Faith is now while hope looks to the future.
  3. Faith is the beginning of life before difficulty, while hope comes later and is born of difficulty.
  4. Faith says what is to be done. Faith teaches, describes, directs while hope exhorts the mind to be strong and courageous.
  5. Faith concentrates on the truth. Hope looks to the goodness of God.
  6. Faith is grounded in the reality of the past; hope is looking to the reality of the future.
  7. Without faith, there is no hope, and without hope there is no true faith so both are deepened on each other. A person cannot have one without the other.
  8. If I believe it will happen then it is faith, On the other hand, if I have little faith that it will happen then my hope becomes simply wishful thinking.
  9. Our faith believes even in intangible things such as truth, a word or a promise. Our hope, on the other hand, takes what is believed by our faith and looks toward its fulfillment.

Full Comparison Between Faith Vs. Hope – Video Tips

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