The Difference Between Gin and Vodka

Vodka and Gin are the most consumed drinks in globally. Gin and vodka appear similar because of their texture and hue. As far is Vodka is concerned, this particular type of alcohol is consumed 37.5 % per capita. These points will let you understand the difference between Gin and Vodka.

Both Gin and Vodka are considered to be most prevailing starch forms of grains. They are different in the ingredients as both are derived from different grains. Gin and vodka are much different in the nutrients too.

Difference Between Gin and Vodka


Vodka is one of the highly consumed alcoholic drinks in the world. The basic component is ethanol. It has 38% – 40% alcohol and rest of the percentage is of potato, rye or wheat starch and water with a diminutive amount of additives. It is used as a chilled drink and is also sometimes mixed with cocktails. It has its roots in European Union which was the pioneer to manufacture Vodka. The date of origin is 1450. The vodka was formerly known as “gorzalka’ (Polish). Moreover, it was used in the manufacture of gun powder in early 11th century.


Gin is the second common form of alcoholic drinks that takes its name from genever. This type of alcohol is derived from Juniper Berry. It has its origin in Holland and it was manufactured in middle ages. It was formerly known as ‘Dutch Courage’. It got fame when it was given to the British troops to give them a warm up. It contains 40%-50% ethanol and rest contains the starch from juniper berries. It is distilled spirit which is consumed on daily basis. Many gin forms are also obtained from potatoes.

Gin vs. Vodka – A Comparison

Vodka has its origin in Eastern Europe while Gin has its origin in Western Europe. Gin was first manufactured in 13th century whereas Vodka was manufactured in 11th century. Best known vodka is Smirnoff Vodka which is most consumed vodka form globally. Best Gin is Bombay Sapphire which is known as the best gin all over the world. Gin is always available in the form of cocktails on the other hand vodka is consumed in its purest form but can also be a minor ingredient in some cocktails.

Full Comparison Between Gin Vs. Vodka – Video Tips

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