The Difference Between Half-Brother and Step-Brother/Sister

Half-brother and step-brother/sister apparently it feels that both are same kinds of relationships but they are not. Find the difference between Half-Brother and Step-Brother/Sister with these points.

Brothers are actually a male sibling and sisters are actually female siblings; now brother can be a full brother a half brother or a step-brother. Many people do not fully be aware of the difference between these words and often presume that all these words means the same. There is a difference between the half brother and step brother or sister.

Difference Between Half-Brother and Step-Brother

Half Brother

Half-brother shares only one parent instead of two. Some half brothers have very close relation and some are as a stranger. They are not fully siblings because they share only single parent. Half brothers can be the male children that your father has with someone other than your mother or the male children your mother has with someone new than your father. Half-brothers who share the same father are known as paternal half brothers while those who shares mother are maternal Half-brother.

Step Brother or Sister

Step brother sister are not biologically related. Step brother sister are yours those brother-sister (siblings) which are related by your parents marriage, which means you are not related to them at all. They are the children of a step parent. Relation with your step sibling is caused by law, not by blood. Step siblings can marry because they are not related by blood.

Half Brother VS. Step Brother Sister

  • Half brothers are linked by blood and share 25% of genes while step brothers are not related by blood.
  • Step Brother is connected through marriage while Half Brother is connected by blood.
  • Step brother can marry with step-sister while half brother and sister cannot make the wedded relationship.
  • Step brother have no common gene while half brother have a common gene.
  • Half brother is a brother with the same mother but a dissimilar father or with the same father but a dissimilar mother. Step brother is a son of one’s step-parent by a marriage other than that with one’s own mother or parent.

Full Comparison Between Half Brother VS. Step Brother Sister – Video Tips

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