The Difference Between Ham and Pork

Ham and pork are both richly flavored and textured meat. Check out what is the difference between Ham and Pork with these details. Since pig meat is admired and prevalent in Asian and American cuisines, one may confuse between different forms of pig meat.

All the pig meat can be referred to as ‘Pork’. There are several types of it one of which is ham. Ham is the pig meat form that is obtained from the hind leg and is almost fat-free making it delicious and easily digestible. Both the meats are not cured but only ham is.

Difference between Ham and Pork


Ham is referred to leg and is derived from the hind leg of pig and is non-fatty in nature. Ham is used in fast food stuff such as ham burger or it can be consumed in the form of honey glazed ham. Ham is cured by using salt and nitrite. It is cured just like pork belly but the places from which they are obtained are poles apart. It is mostly available in two types, sliced ham, and smoked ham. One slice of sliced cured ham consists of 2% saturated and unsaturated fat; 12% sodium and 4% cholesterol.


Pork is a broader term and is polysemic. All ham can be pork but all pork cannot be ham! Pork refers to all the pig meat whether it is derived from belly, leg or any other place. It is obtained fresh but it can be cured if it is pork belly or ham. Bacon, pork belly, ham are all encapsulated by the Pork.  pork that is not cured consists of 25%fat, cholesterol 29%, and sodium 2%. Pork can be used in different ways; baked pork is bacon, cured pork is ham or pork belly etc.

Ham vs. Pork – A Comparison

Ham and Pork are different because one is pork is the subordinate of ham. Pork is the basic thing while ham is one part of it. The difference lies in the form of cured or uncured meat. Pork can be either cured or uncured, but ham is always cured or smoked. Pork if fresh consists of a comparatively large amount of cholesterol while ham being processed consists of a smaller quantity of fats and cholesterol in it. Both the savory meats are used in different products because of their luscious texture and delicious taste.

Full Comparison Between Ham vs. Pork – Video Tips

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