The Difference Between Informative and Persuasive Speeches

The informative and persuasive speeches are the two types of speeches in English Languages. These two kinds of speeches can cover quite a range. Understand the difference between informative and persuasive speeches with these details.

These two types of speeches seem to be same but in actual they are not, there are some speeches differences between informative and persuasive. So let’s have look on differences between these two types of speeches.

Informative Speeches

The informative speech is a speech designed to convey knowledge and information, these speech may be about objects, process, events, and concepts. In informative speeches, it is try to keep the main points separated. And it should be limited to 3 to 5 main points. This speech may also be used to educate and train the audience. In informative speech you simply present the sides of an issue and you do not ask the audience for any kind of action.

Persuasive Speeches

A speech that creates, reinforces, changes people’s beliefs, thoughts or action, make people to do action is the persuasive speech. In persuasive speeches you try to influence the thinking, feeling of the audience. These speeches are for the purpose of selling a product or service. The success of this speech is known by how many people buy or make contribute to the cause. Persuasive speech is sometimes difficult to deliver because you have to convince the audience to act.

Informative Speech VS. Persuasive Speech

  • Informative speech aim to deliver Information while Persuasive speech is something to convince people to believe in or to do something particular.
  • Persuasive speech seeks to influence belief, choices or opinions. While Informative speech promotes understanding of a body of facts.
  • Informative speech may be as interesting and engaging as the speaker makes it while persuasive speech is usually interesting and engaging because it has a purpose.
  • In informative speech you simply present the sides of an issue, while in a persuasive speech you ask your audience to take sides on an issue.
  • In informative speech you do not ask the audience for action, while in persuasive speech you actually do.

Full Comparison Between Informative Speech VS. Persuasive Speech – Video Tips

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