The Difference Between Intelligence and Wisdom

Intelligence and wisdom are two qualities that are attached with the mental capabilities and skills of human beings. Check out what is the difference between Intelligence and wisdom with these tricks.

The both terms seem same but it is not the case. There are many points that create differences between these two similar terms, so the difference between intelligence and wisdom are as following.

Difference Between Intelligence and Wisdom


It is a term, which is totally associated with the mind and your ability to use your brain. It is the ability to create an idea, solve a problem, and make favorable results in a bad situation. It is the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge. It can also be called the second stage after knowledge; when you have knowledge about any particular thing than through your intelligence you can make it useful or workable.


It is the ability to apply your knowledge, information, experience and data wisely. It is not something we learn through school and books. It is the art to distinct between right and wrong, wishes, bad and good, and true and false. Deciding between right and wrong is the start of wisdom. It is something that never comes with age even a child can be wiser than an adult or mature person. Wisdom is good gifted; it is not learned or gained by books and academy.

Intelligence VS. Wisdom

  1. Intelligence can be learned through books and experience while wisdom is God gifted.
  2. Intelligence is about to know about other people, things etc, on the other hand, wisdom is about knowing yourself.
  3. Intelligence has limits while wisdom has no visible end or limit.
  4. As it is said that intelligent person rules over the world while wiser rules over the history.
  5. Intelligence can be used in the positive and negative sense. It can be useful and harmful depends on the situation and person while wisdom has always positive effects.
  6. Intelligence is the knowledge gained without making a mistake, whereas wisdom is the knowledge gained by making mistakes or by experiences.
  7. Intelligence is the next stage of knowledge while wisdom is the final stage.
  8. Wisdom is a theoretical knowledge while intelligence is a practical knowledge.

Full Comparison Between Intelligence VS. Wisdom – Video Tips

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