Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom

Knowledge and Wisdom are related but not synonymous. Many people mistakenly put together knowledge for wisdom, as both are nouns and used in the English language. Check out what’s the difference between knowledge and wisdom with these points.

Although both refer to mind, thoughts and experiences but they have some very real difference with reference to the meanings and their usage in our daily life. So let’s find out the difference between wisdom and knowledge.

Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom


Wisdom is gift from God. It is the ability to make correct judgments and decisions; wisdom act upon the knowledge. Wisdom is developed, spiritual and associated with the soul. It is the quality of person to think, act or discern what is best, right, and true. Wisdom is the application of common sense, knowledge, and experience, at the right time, and place. It develops the ability to judge and make positive decisions in life.


The term knowledge simply refers to the understanding or awareness, about a person, thing or subject, such as facts, skills, information. It is about fact and data that we have learned out or had experienced. It is about ideas and fact that we acquire through study, research, observation or experience.

Knowledge can exist without wisdom; one can be knowledgeable without being wise. Knowledge can have the positive or negative effect on our senses; it can be useful for those who use t in right way and can be harmful or dangerous if it is used in negative way or wrong direction.

Wisdom VS. Knowledge

  • Knowledge is deterministic while wisdom is non-deterministic.
  • The approach of knowledge is theoretical while wisdom has spiritual approach.
  • The sources of knowledge is learning, education, observation, reasoned and logical thoughts while wisdom sources are innate, self and personal experiences.
  • Knowledge has the relation to mind in contrast with wisdom which has relation with soul.
  • Wisdom cannot exist without knowledge, while knowledge exists without wisdom.
  • Knowledge can be limited but wisdom has no visible end.
  • The outcome of knowledge is information and understanding but the outcome of wisdom is judgment.

Full Comparison Between Knowledge VS. Wisdom – Video Tips

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