The Difference Between Kosher Salt and Sea Salt

Kosher salt and sea salt are both two different types of salt. They are indistinguishable as both are similar in look but may differ in form. Find out the details about the difference between Kosher Salt and Sea Salt with these points & comparison video.

At a glance, one cannot distinguish between kosher salt and sea salt so one should have knowledge where does the difference lie. Since both have sodium chloride in as the base, both are almost alike in the taste. Is that the consistency where the difference lies? Both of them are sometimes transposable sometimes not interchangeable at all.

Difference Between Kosher Salt and Sea Salt

Kosher Salt

Kosher salt is the form of edible salt that is derived from the rocks. It is also available with the name of koshering salt. The salt we use as the table salt is the processed form of the kosher salt. Kosher salt in granulated form is used to brine the meat. It is much more salty than normal table salt and so is used in a lower quantity. 5 ounces of kosher salt will serve as 10 ounces of table salt or sea salt. Since it is granular one can have an easy grip on it. It is used to make highly saline solution.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is the form of salt evolved from sea surface. The foam of sea is the origin of sea salt. It is edible and is cheap. Being cheap it is easily available. It is in the form of flakes and is refined and processed. Sea salt is 4 ounces corresponding to the table salt. This alt is also the essential part of cosmetics. It is smooth and is easily dissolvable with many other solutions.

Kosher Salt vs. Sea Salt – A Comparison

Kosher salt is much more pungent and strong than the common salt but less blunt than the sea salt. The origins of both the salts are different. Koshering salt is derived from the rocks and sea salt is evolved obtained from oceans and seas. The former one is coarse and the later one is smooth. Sea salt is richer in minerals and can be used to brine the stiff beef or pork to get a brined one.

Full Comparison Between Kosher Salt vs. Sea Salt – Video Tips

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