The Difference Between LightRoom And Photoshop

Lightroom and Photoshop are both software offered by adobe. What is the difference between LightRoom And Photoshop, learn these details to get that.

They are both one of the most popular software’s used form image editing. One of the reasons they are highly demanded is their easy to understand interface, use and efficiency. But there is a major difference between these two. Read the article below for more information.

Difference Between LightRoom And Photoshop


Lightroom is used for two main reasons.

  • To process photos
  • To organize them

Lightroom allows its users to arrange and give retouches to their images. It is best on handling large amount of digital images. Lightroom is compatible with windows and MAC users. Lightroom has a features that allows its users to import images directly from the camera. Users can add information, tags, time stamps etc. on the images. This way the user can select the best images and access them according to their requirements or demands.


Adobes Photoshop is an image editing and creating software. It is widely demanded due to its easy to use and understand features. Photoshop allows its users to edit an image at a pixel level. This makes the editing more believable and authentic.

Through Photoshop an image can be saved in various formats like PNG, JPEG, and GIF etc. Photoshop requires an ACR plugin when the user need to edit raw files. However light room allows the editing of images in raw form straight from the camera.

Photoshop is easy to learn individually but in comparison to lightroom it requires high skills. Photoshop can manipulate an image at a pixel level. It can change color, add or remove a part of the image, manage lighting and contrast and much more. Whereas lightroom is mainly best for indexing the images. By adding tags and information, image indexing becomes easier through lightroom.

Full Comparison Between LightRoom And Photoshop – Video Tips

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