The Difference Between Mascarpone and Cream Cheese

No one these days can expect a meal without cheese. There is another alternative of cheese that serves the best and it is mascarpone. Due to the similar appearances, people may confuse mascarpone with the cream cheese.

Mascarpone the Italian in its origin is the best substitute for cheese or we can call it the progressed form of the cheese. Due to same appearance, it Is hard to distinguish between mascarpone and cream cheese.

Difference Between Mascarpone and Cream Cheese

Mascarpone Cheese

Mascarpone cheese is one of the finest of its kind. It is manufactured by adding vinegar to the ordinary cheese. The place of the origin is Lombardy, Italy. Taste is different than the cheddar or parmesan cheese being piquant and sharp.  It is actually a triple crème cheese. Since it is derived from fresh cheese it is milky in flavor. It is evolved by heating the milk or crème at 185-190 Fahrenheit in a double boiler. It consists of 50 percent heavy cream and is not easily obtainable.

Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is soft and smooth in its texture. The taste is band and mild.  Since it is smooth, it is easily spreadable and can be used in the preparation of any dish. Moreover, it can be used within 4-5 days as it begins to disintegrate after the mentioned time span. Instead of vinegar, it has a major content known as carrageen. It is of multi-use and can be used in the preparation of any dish but serves the best to prepare the desserts.

Mascarpone Cheese vs. Cream Cheese – A Comparison

Mascarpone and cream cheese are both impossible to tell apart and are certainly not interchangeable. Mascarpone consists of vinegar or tartaric acid on the other hand cream cheese consists of carrageen. Unlike mascarpone, the cream is easily obtainable as it is commonly used. The only difference is the difference of tastes between the two. Moreover, just like other cheese forms, it can also be prepared in the home. Being a bit pricey, both the cheese forms can be prepared at your home kitchen.

Full Comparison Between Mascarpone VS. Cream Cheese – Video Tips

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