The Difference Between Methodist and Baptist

Methodists and Baptists are both Christian religions that have a lot of similarities but in many ways, also have different views and principle. There are some differences between Methodist and Baptist which are mentioned below.

Both Methodist and Baptist believe in God, the Bible and the works and teaching of Jesus who they accept as Christ, the savior of all humanity but yet they are two separate groups.

Difference Between Methodist and Baptist


The birth of the Methodist tradition is traced back to the English priest John Wesley who in the 1700’s taught the need for personal holiness and service to others. The legacy of early Methodism is an active ministry to the poor, sick, and orphaned. Moreover, methodists practice “Open” communion wherein everyone; believer and non-believer alike, are invited to partake of the bread and cup of Christ. Methodists have bishops who, upon close consultation with the congregation, appoint pastors to their churches. They can appoint their own pastors and can remove them. Methodists have both male and female pastors.


The birth of the Baptists is traced back to the 1600’s when English Separatists rejected newly originated Baptism and instituted a system of believer’s baptism. Baptists practice a “Closed” communion where only the believer is invited to participate in the bread and cup of Christ. A local Baptist church has a free hand in finding, and even ordaining its own pastors, which are not assigned by leaders of their Church. The Baptists only appoint male pastors.  They believe that obedience to the teachings of Christ is symbolized through water baptism and communion.

Methodist VS. Baptist – A Comparison

  • Baptist churches are typically more reformed with no central governing body, whereas the Methodist church was founded greatly on the life and teachings of John and Charles Wesley, Church of England missionaries.
  • In Methodist Pastors are appointed by bishop on the other hand in Baptist Pastors appointed by local church.
  • In Methodist Pastors can be male and female while in Baptist Pastors should be only male.
  • Baptists practice a “Closed” communion, on the other hand Methodists practice “Open” communion.

Full Comparison Between Methodist and Baptist – Video Tips

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