The Difference Between Onions and Shallots

Onions and shallots are both identical when it comes to the biological and botanical terms. Both are similar so they can be transposed easily. Check out what is the difference between Onions and Shallots with these details.

Shallot is also known as the smallest version of onions. Since shallot is identical to the onion, it is hard to differentiate between both the species. They are almost similar to green onions. The taste and size is almost the same. Give a read to find out more differences.

Difference Between Onions and Shallots


Shallots are the subcategory of alliums family that is indistinguishable to onions and garlic. The botanical name of the species is Allium cepa var. aggregatum. Shallots per gram consist of 72 calories, 0 fat and 12% carbohydrates. Shallots are often consumed caramelized. The glazed (honeyed) shallots are the major appetizer of thanksgiving. The golden brown members of the onion family are used to make delicious dishes either spicy or sweet and sour. It is not sharp in taste as compared to garlic and onions.


Onions are commonly known as bulb onions. Per gram of onions contain 40 calories, zero fats, and zero cholesterol. Moreover, it is full of vitamin c and is best for skin and hair when it comes to onion juice. Onion in the form of juice is sometimes used to cure meat. Onions are good with macaroons, carrots etc. onions are a major component of every food whether it is fast food or typical Chinese, American or Italian cuisine. It is a healthy food because of low cholesterol and low fat so it can be consumed by everyone.

Shallots vs. Onions – A Comparison

Shallots and onions are different in the term of taste. Shallots are less pungent in taste because of varying Sulpher composition. Both can be regularly used in meals like salads and soups. Onions and shallots are both from the alliums’ family but are different in consistency. Since shallots are little sweet in taste like onions, they can be interchanged to some extent. Onions are red or pink but shallots are skin or golden brown. Onions should be well cooked before cooking, shallots can be consumed raw. Both are savory and are lovable.

Full Comparison Between Onions and Shallots – Video Tips

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