The Difference Between Pancakes Batter and Waffle Batter

In many countries, Pancakes and Waffles are stapled breakfast favorites. Learn about the difference between pancakes batter and waffle batter as explained below. 

Both pancakes and waffles rely on eggs, baking powder, flour, milk and butter and it’s a form of bread but today in this article we will find out the differences between pancakes and waffle batter.

Pancakes Batter

A pancake is a flat, round cake like bread prepared from a batter that consists of flour, eggs, milk, butter, oil and salt and cooked on a flat surface like frying pan. For pancakes batter you mix the flour, sugar, oil, egg, milk or buttermilk, and salt together making sure not to over stir. Pancakes usually aren’t crisp.

They may be brown on the outside, but they’re floppy, soft and spongy, with an interior that looks a lot like cake. Pancakes are often served with honey, fruits, nuts and syrups. The pancake’s shape and structure varies worldwide. In Uganda, Pancakes are made with bananas and served as breakfast.

In China, Pancakes are made with dough instead of batter. In Indonesia, Pancakes are made with rice flour and coconut milk. In Malaysia, Pancakes are served in breakfast with curries. A 100g serving pancake contains 227 Calories, 10% fat, 15% Cholesterol, 12% Protein, 21% Calcium and 9% Iron.

Waffle Batter

Waffle and pancakes batter contain the same ingredients but the twist comes in making the batter, For waffles, we mix the dry ingredients flour, sugar, salt, baking powder and then add the wet ingredients milk, butter, egg yolks. Once that’s done we beat the egg whites until stiff and gently fold them into the flour base.

In some waffle recipes, we separate the egg white and yolks and beating the egg white until stiff, then folding them into the batter after you stir in the yolks. This makes a very light, fluffy batter. Waffles have more oil which is probably responsible for giving the waffle its signature outside crisp surface.

Waffles are made on a waffle iron this give it a characteristic size, shape and surface impression. Waffles can be eaten plain but they are usually served with butter, honey, fruits, whipped cream, and syrups. A 100g serving waffle contains 291 Calories, 14% fat, 23% cholesterol, 16% protein, 25% calcium and 12% iron.

Pancakes VS Waffle

Pancakes a waffle have almost the same ingredients for the batter but waffle mixture contains more sugar and fat. In Pancakes batter we mix all the ingredients and stir it wee whereas in waffles batter we mix dry and wet ingredients separately and then mix them together. Pancakes are soft and spongy while waffles are crispy.

Pancakes are cooked using a fry pan or griddle while waffles are cooked using the waffle iron. Pancake batter contains less cholesterol and fat than waffle batter. Pancakes shape varies worldwide while waffles have a defined size and shape.

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