The Difference Between Persuasion and Manipulation

Persuasion and manipulation are both methods of persuading people to do something for you or change their thinking to match yours point of view. So let’s see the differences between persuasion and manipulation.

Persuasion and manipulation are not the same and it is possible to have one with shades of the other and sometimes people use one for other. There is a vast difference in their style and methods.

Difference Between Persuasion and Manipulation


Persuading someone means you is simply presenting your product, service or argument in the best possible light and in positive way. In persuasion you don’t need to lie, omit details or force the other person. Rather, persuasion is truthful and is presented with the real facts.


It is morally wrong and ultimately counterproductive to the interests of all involved.  Manipulation is about getting people to do what you want through negative manners that is based on lie. Manipulators don’t care how they get their result as long as they get it. They are less concerned with the facts and honesty of their process.

Persuasion VS Manipulation – A Comparison

  • Persuasion does so by presenting facts in a positive light and showing how they benefit the user, while manipulation does so by leaving information out, playing with emotions and unethically convincing someone about something.
  • Manipulation relies on emotions. While persuasion uses facts and does not need to lie.
  • Persuasion is about presenting all of the right arguments in the most logical and convincing way. Manipulation also implies bending the truth in order to achieve their final goal.
  • Persuasion is socially acceptable on the other hand manipulation bears a sort of social stigma.
  • In persuasion the other person is willingly convinced while in manipulation the other person is forced to agree with manipulator point of you.
  • A persuader will serve the person he is persuade; he will sell a product or service that he authentically and personally believes will add value to his customer’s business or life. On the other hand a manipulator focuses exclusively or solely on himself.

Full Comparison Between Persuasion VS. Manipulation – Video Tips

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