The Difference Between Rye and Bourbon Whiskey

People may confuse the consistency of Rye Whiskey with Bourbon Whisky. But there is a difference between the ingredients. Check out what is the difference between Rye and Bourbon Whiskey with these points.

The reason of confusion is the similar appearance of both the whiskeys. The difference only lies in the composition and taste but they are both similar when t comes to form. Both have a similar hue and the concentration is also more or less the same. The similar tinge is the subject of uncertainty between Rye and Bourbon Whiskey.

Difference Between Rye and Bourbon Whiskey

Rye Whisky

Rye Whiskey also refers to as American rye whisky or Canadian rye Whiskey. Rye whiskey is manufactured under the rule that it should be composed of 50% rye in it. It is a combination of rye with distilled alcohol. The ‘straight rye whiskey’ is the most famous type of the rye whiskey and is at least two years old with enhanced liquor. Rye is smoldering in taste and so is difficult to chomp through for the stomach. The most famous American Rye Whiskey brand is Jack Daniels and is the priciest one too. It is not mandatory for it to be manufactured in U.S.

Bourbon Whisky

Bourbon Whiskey consists of 50% corn content and tastes like sweet caramel. It can never be manufactured outside U.S as only U.S industrialists can get the license to manufacture the bourbon whiskey. It contains pure corn and barley ingredients without the use of any additives. It also has a straight bourbon type and is expensive. Moreover, it tastes like smoke but is sugary. It’s one paramount form is the blended Bourbon which has a key and basic ingredient of ‘Straight Bourbon Whiskey’.

Rye vs. Bourbon Whisky – A Comparison

Rye Whiskey and Bourbon whiskey are not different visually but do differ in taste. The rye whiskey has a pungent flavor on the other hand Bourbon has a sweet flavor. Bourbon is digestible as corn is the chief component in contrary the bourbon whiskey is hard to consume because of high rye consistency. The former one is more expensive than the later one and both the whiskeys are not easily accessible.

Full Comparison Between Rye VS. Bourbon Whiskey – Video Tips

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