The Difference Between Salt and Sodium

Salt and sodium are different in the sense of form. They are alike when it comes to the chemical formula. Understand the difference between Salt and Sodium with these details.

Sodium and salt both are healthy for heart but can cause high blood pressure too. Both have a chemical formula NaCL. Chlorine is the key component of salt and sodium. Moreover, both regulate blood circulation but in a particular amount.

Difference Between Salt and Sodium


Salt usually referred as table salt is the processed form of sodium rock. Salt is composed of 60% chlorine and 40% sodium. Salt can be sea salt or any other. Mainly it is derived from sodium carbonate rock. It is rich in mineral. It is Italian in origin. It is rich in iodine and is rich in minerals. Table salt is available in granular or crystal forms. Moreover, salt is a conductor and the saline solution acts as electrolyte.  It is also used to brine different types of meat specially pork, beef and mutton.


Sodium refers to the foundation of table salt. It is basic element of every salt type. It is usually not progressed and so it is pinkish in hue. When added in water it forms NaOH – a base that conducts electricity. It occurs in the form of mighty rocks which are then broken down to obtain salt from. All the salt types like Himalayan, kosher or sea salt have sodium in common. Iodized salt that we consume has a basic component of sodium.

Salt vs. Sodium – A Comparison

Sodium is a broader term which is the main and the rest are subtypes. Salt is the progressed and refined from of sodium. Salt doesn’t give any product but sodium does when dissolved in water. Salt is white while sodium is pink. Sodium doesn’t exist alone but in the form of compounds and has to be extracted.

Salt and sodium are a major part of diet and is highly consumed in the whole world. Every food we consume has at least 2% sodium or salt in it even if it is ice-cream. It lowers the melting point and so is the universal cooling agent.

Full Comparison Between Salt Vs. Sodium – Video Tips

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