What is the Difference Between Skeletal and Cardiac Muscles

The human body forms up of three types of muscles (cardiac, smooth and skeletal). The comparison of skeletal vs cardiac muscles shows you up the difference between Skeletal and Cardiac muscles.

Three of them are different from each other and they play a different role in the body. We will focus on the differences between cardiac and smooth muscles.

Skeletal Muscles

The skeletal muscles perform voluntary actions and are striated in nature. These muscles links to bones and with each other through aponeurosis and tendons respectively. Skeletal muscles perform activities like walking, running, lifting etc. Muscle fibers make up the skeletal muscle.

These muscle fibers are made up of myofibrils which consist of actin and myosin filaments. These filaments are present in recurring units forming a sarcomere. The striated appearance of a skeletal muscle is due to these sarcomeres.

Cardiac Muscles

This type of muscle is present around the heart wall. Cardiac muscles are involuntary in nature. They pump blood from the heart to lungs and other parts of the body. Cardiomyocytes are the cells which make up cardiac muscles.

Skeletal Vs Cardiac Muscles

Skeletal muscles are voluntary and they get nerve supply from central nervous system. Their movement is in control of the body. Cardiac muscles are involuntary and they get nerve supply from autonomic nerve supply and brain. Hey, contract or relax without any external command.

They move subconsciously. Cardiac muscles are links to walls of the heart, whereas, skeletal muscles are links to bones with tendons or to each other with aponeurosis. They both perform different functions. Skeletal muscles play role in body movement (sitting, walking, lifting) whereas cardiac muscles perform their function of pumping blood from the heart to all over the body.

Cardiac muscles keep on contracting without getting a feel of fatigue. While skeletal muscles contract rapidly but they exhaust from a workload. Cardiac muscles are branching in comparison to skeletal muscles as they are non-branching. Skeletal muscles contain multinucleated cells while cardiac muscles contain uninucleated cells.

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