The Difference Between Stroke and Migraine

A migraine and stroke are two medical conditions which have similar symptoms. Find the details on the difference between stroke and migraine with these details. 

They are thought to be same because of similarity in their symptoms. But they are different from each other. The difference between stroke and migraine is explained below.


Neurologists have still yet to define this illness but it is called an illness which involves the spasm of blood vessels. This spasm of blood vessels leads to weak electrical signal transmission in the brain. A migraine is thought to be a headache only but it is more than that. Seizures, speech disturbances and visual problems are seen in migraine patient.


Stroke is said to be an attack on the brain. This can occur when the blood supply to the brain is blocked due to a clot in an artery supplying the brain. It is known as ischemic stroke whereas, when there is bleeding in the brain, such stroke is known as hemorrhagic stroke. A headache, slurred speech, loss of vision, disorientation, numbness and dizziness occur when a person is suffering from a stroke.

Migraine Vs Stroke

A migraine is caused due to spasm of blood vessels while stroke is caused when an artery supplying brain gets damaged or blocked. Stroke has a long term implication as compare to a migraine which is a temporary condition.
Women below 45 years of age are mostly affected by a migraine whereas stroke affects men more than women.

Symptoms of stroke are sudden in comparison to a migraine. They appear as sudden numbness of arm, leg, or face on one side of the body whereas, numbness in legs and arms, weakness on one side of the body, tingling, speech problems and headache are the symptoms of a migraine. In stroke patients, intense headache while in migraine patients, a headache can be severe or dull.


A migraine can occur once a year to many times in a week. It requires proper professional treatment. Medicines are prescribed for stroke as stroke takes a lot of time to recover.

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