The Difference Between Sub Culture and Counter Culture

Understanding the difference between Sub Culture and Counter-Culture is very important, because of frequent usage of these terms in daily life. Find out what is the difference between Sub Culture and Counter Culture with these details.

Both terms are relevant with the social lifestyle of a community living in a place or area.

Difference Between Sub Culture and Counter Culture

Sub Culture

A wide variety of group exists whose member participate in larger society and its institution but who share values, norms, heritage, and ritual that differ from those of dominant culture they are called sub culture. Sub culture can be based on a variety of factors, including religion, race, ethnicity and age. Sub culture participate in dominant culture.

Counter Culture

A counter culture is a specific type of the sub culture whose member embrace, values, norms, rituals and life style that directly challenge the dominant culture. Moreover, a counterculture in certain societies where people go against the accepted social behavioral pattern.

Sub Culture VS. Counter Culture – A Comparison

  • Sub culture are mostly approved while counter culture is looked down in societies.
  • Sub culture is culture in its on, while counter culture is type of sub culture.
  • Counter culture may not be identified as same as in another community, while sub culture is identified same everywhere.

Full Comparison Between Sub Culture vs. Counter Culture – Video Tips

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