The Differences Between Torah and Bible

Torah and Bible are two different sacred text related to two different religions. Here one can get the difference between Torah and Bible with these points and comparison.

Religions are dogmatic and there are ceremonies for everything from praying to reading sacred texts. In these two sacred books have varying beliefs, practices, and teachings. So let’s have a look on the differences between Torah and Bible.

Differences Between Torah and Bible


The Torah is the holy book of the Jewish people. The text of the Torah is written in Hebrew, on a parchment placed on a scroll.  All reading is done in a specific tune by Rabbis to the congregation once every three days. It is said to have been written by Moses. It is always has to be hand written with extra care. No translation or interpretations are allowed of Torah.


The Bible is the holy book of Christianity. Although there is a ceremonial way of reading the Bible in church, Christians are allowed and even encouraged to keep a Bible in their homes and read from it from time to time. Some rites recommend self-interpretation of the Bible while others thinks that it is clergy duty to spread the words of God.

Torah VS Bible

  1. Text of the Torah tells people to wait for the son of God, while the Bible tells the story of the son of God who has come to save mankind.
  2. Torah is Holy Book of Jews, and on the other hand, Bible is Holy Book of Christians.
  3. Torah is in Hebrew while Bible is present in a number of languages.
  4. Torah is Hand written and is strictly not allowed to translate, on the other hand, Bible is translated into many different languages.
  5. Torah is always hand-written on a scroll while the Bible is in the printed form.
  6. In Torah, it is belief that it was written by Moses and it tells about the lives of Jews as the people of God on the other hand Bible It goes on to tell the story of Jesus, son of God.

Full Comparison Between Torah VS. Bible – Video Tips

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