The Difference Between Vinegar and Vinaigrette

Vinegar and vinaigrette are both similar when it comes to taste and apparent features. The difference lies in the terms of concentration and consistency. Here is about the difference between Vinegar and Vinaigrette with full details.

Vinegar has many types like apple cider vinegar and white vinegar; vinaigrette is one of the types of vinegar that consists of low vinegar concentration and 3 parts of oil. Both of them are dissimilar in the sense of application because they have certain chemicals that are present in different percentage. They are definitely not same so give a read to the article to find out where actually the difference lies.

Difference Between Vinegar and Vinaigrette


Vinegar is the multipurpose liquid that consists of acetic acid in a specific proportion. It has many versions which have the major component of acetic acid. It is sharp and pungent. Unlike acid, it does not corrode the skin but can react with marble and can form carbonate on it. Its major types are apple cider vinegar, balsamic, cane, coconut, date, fruit etc. moreover it is referred as a cleaner which can be used to cleanse the skin too. It has 20% acetic acid and remaining percentage I of water to make it dilute. It can be derived from fruits like apple and grapes.


Vinaigrette is the type of vinegar that consists of oil as a major content and is used as the dressing for salads. Sometimes, it is only 3 parts of oil along with lemon juice. Pepper and some herbs may e added to the combination in order to enhance the flavor. The combination of wine vinegar and olive oil gives out probably the best vinaigrette. Vinaigrette also consists of salt and so enhancing the sodium concentration in the amalgamation. it is also used to marinate the meat or to make it flexible.

Vinegar vs. Vinaigrette

Vinegar is different from vinaigrette because it is more concentrated having 3 parts of staple acetic acid and 1 part water; whereas the former one consist f 3 parts of oil and one part of any citric acid or vinegar. Vinegar is fermentation of molasses while vinaigrette is prepared whisking every ingredient together. Vinegar is a cleanser on the other hand vinaigrette is not as it contains a large proportion of oil.

Full Comparison Between Vinegar vs. Vinaigrette – Video Tips

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