The Difference Between Wizard and Warlock

The difference between a warlock and a wizard varies, depending on who you talk towards these words; both words refer to a practitioner of magic. Some people use the terms wizard OR warlock interchangeably, but there are some differences between Wizard and Warlock.

Difference Between Wizard and Warlock


Wizards are generally viewed as good people with strong moral codes who sometime also offer wise advice and assistance, and many fantasy stories feature a kindly wizard who helps the characters achieve their goals. Wizard magical powers are supernatural or derived from the occult Source. These characters are commonly found in fantasy literature, fiction, folk stories, legends, and role-playing games. Wizard can be male as well female.


A warlock, on the other hand, is portrayed as a much darker individual. The term “warlock” can refer to either a man or a woman, and this term is kept for someone who has broken the codes of the community. Some people consider warlocks to be more cowardly, delving into darker magic which can potentially turn them evil. Many warlock works alone but sometimes form alliances only for their own benefits.

Wizard VS. Warlock

  1. Warlocks are considered darker characters that are into practicing forbidden or dark magic. In contrast, wizards are known to be wise and benevolent characters.
  2. Wizards were wise people who practiced magic for helping others, and warlocks were magicians who were evil and usually practiced magic for their own good and achieving more power.
  3. Warlocks were believed to be far more advanced than wizards and indulged themselves in very complex, magical practices.
  4. Warlock is an older word than wizard; Warlock is a word which was derived from Old English meaning traitor, deceiver, and oath breaker; wizard is a word which has been derived from Middle English meaning wise.
  5. Warlock is used for evil practitioners of magic on the other hand wizard is used for wise and friendly practitioners of magic.
  6. Wizard main goal is to help others and heeling those in needs; on the other hand warlock main goal is to gain power for them only.

Full Comparison Between Wizard VS. Warlock – Video Tips

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