What is The Difference Between Braxton Hicks and Labor Pains

First-time pregnancy is a challenge for every woman. The pain, the curiosity, and happiness are beyond compare. As the due date arrives women feel anxious and they feel Braxton hicks and labor pains. However, there is a difference between Braxton hicks and labor painsĀ 

These both are somehow similar and sometimes they confused as the same. But it is easy to differentiate between the two following is some tips and some information about Braxton hicks and labor pains that will help you differentiate and control the two.

Braxton Hicks

Braxton hicks are pre-labor contractions. They happen to prepare the uterus for the actual birth process. They are inconsistent and happen once or twice per hour. They are not that painful and can be ignored by the carrier. However, they may be painful enough to confuse it with the actual labor. They last for about thirty seconds or a minute maximum.

Having warm baths, practicing breathing exercises and walking can help calm the hicks. They happen from the ending of 2nd trimester or the starting to 3rd trimester. They are limited to the uterus. The pain strength does not increase with time, unlike labor pains.

Labor Pains

Labor pains happen when the actual contractions are about to start. They are different for every woman. Some describe it as menstrual cramps but they differ according to emotional status, baby positions, baby size etc. They cause pain in the uterus and backbone.

Women are genetically programmed to handle these pains physically and mentally so these pains pass with time. Labor pain is more consistent and cervix starts to open during them. They happen every ten or thirty minutes. The pain increases in strength with time till the delivery. They are felt in the lower back as well, unlike Braxton hicks that are limited to the uterus.

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